A modular system for you

The pull-up bar and the wooden mounting board combine the main basic components of rockbase. The pull-up bar can easily be adjusted to height and depth of your door frame. Of course it can be used by itself or with the mounting board. For more training options the mounting board can be turned around quickly. When we developed rockbase special attention was paid to distribute forces evenly on the widest interface possible. This way it is nearly impossible to leave damage on your door frame.

smartrock Rockbase mountain system
Mounting system for climbing tools
Hang to the doorframe
Integrated pull-up bar

Is my door ready for rockbase?

Skizze der wichtigsten Türmaße

We know that there are lots and lots of doors on the planet. Our products cover a broad range of door frame sizes. Rockbase fits for all doorframes within 31-35″. The doorframe also needs to be 4.5″ – 11″ in depth and don’t forget to check at the doorframe itself: it needs to be 0.5″ above the wall to safely mount rockbase. If these sizes won’t fit to any of your doors, if you have very small or wide doors take a look at RockbaseFlex: RockbaseFlex may fit to your door since it has more options to be adjusted.

If your door does not seem to have the right size for Rockbase or Rockbase Flex, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use our support form and we give our very best to provide you with a solution for your door.

How to mount rockbase on your doorframe



Instructions Rockbase – German (PDF, 830 KB)

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