So what is it all about?

Yes it is all about improving your climbing skills! You have been climbing for some time, you have gathered some technical skills in climbing and now you are thinking about pushing your limits a little further with the support of systematic, climbing specific training? You have even glanced at some fingerboards to put on your wall at home to embedd your personal trainingprogram within the demands of your job and family? It seems easy to get yourself a fingerboard, but before you can use it, it somehow has to be mounted on the walls of your home. Even if you already have bought a fingerboard, it might just be collecting dust in your basement…

So what do we have for you? We offer you a way to take your fingerboard out of the box and start using it right away. No drilling holes in the wall, no screws, no angry roommates, all you need is a doorframe. Rockbase leaves no traces on your wall, and since it is so quick and easy to mount and dismount you can even take it with you on your travels. Or to your office.

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Don’t screw it!

The Rockbase mounting system is easily appiled to your doorframe, no drilling, no hammering, no stress.

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Train everywhere!

Take your trainingssystem with you – to your holidays, business travel or when you move houses, it is up to you!

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Quick-mount system

Once you have adjusted Rockbase to your door-frame it only takes you a few seconds to mount it

Icon 180°

Turn it!

You can turn your Rockbase upside down to offer you even more options for climbing specific training

Are you afraid of damaging your door?

Smartrock has designed Rockbase in a special way that prevents it from leaving any traces or damage on your doorframe.

“Can you hang on to your doorframe with your fingers without ruining it? If so, our systems fit your door.” Martin, smartrock’s founder and head engineer

Rockbase spreads the weight of the training person evenly on your doorframe with its broad interface. This way it is safe to use – for both the climber and the doorframe.

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