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Are you living in a flat with small doorframes and crumbly old walls? You have to move houses a lot to keep up with the demands of your career or education? If that’s the case rockbaseFlex is the best option that will suit your needs for a consistent fingerboard training while managing your busy lifestyle. RockbaseFlex is a one-piece system that can be folded for storage and quickly mounted to a wide variety of doorframes. Its joints and hinges allow rockbaseFlex to be stored and transported easily. Moving houses, traveling for leisure or business- no problem, your training system joins you wherever you are headed to.

Türhalterung RockbaseFlex von Smartrock

“Once adjusted, the training system is easily mounted and dismounted […]. Training with it works perfectly”, klettern magazine recommendation (02/2017)

Mounting system for climbing tools
Hang to the doorframe
small, light and transportable

What doors fit rockbaseFlex?

Skizze der wichtigsten Türmaße

RockbaseFlex can be adjusted to a wide variety of doorframes, including doors that have odd sizes. If your door has an unusual dimension, rockbaseFlex may be suitable for you. To assure it fits to your door, the door should be 25.5″ to 36″ wide. Also the door needs to be 4″ – 12.5″ deep and the doorframe itself has to be at least 0.5″.

If it seems that your door does not comply with rockbaseFlex, please do not hesitate to contact us via our online support form for individual problem solving.

How to mount rockbaseFlex


Instructions RockbaseFlex (PDF)

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