smartrock – training systems for climbers and boulderers

smartrock provides climbers the option to train anywhere anyplace. All products have been developed by ourselves and tested with the help of a lot of climbers. Everything is sold only via our website. Besides door mounting systems, that build the backbone of our training systems we work on training apps that guide your climbing training and provide you motivation for consistent training.

Bild des Geschäftsführers

Stefan Koch

Great passion for mountain sports, especially sport climbing and bouldering. On the way to become a certified mountain guide, skiing instructor and teacher for applied snow and avalanche knowledge, as well as owner of the consulting engineers for alpine risks – Mountainrisk Engineering.


Bild des GeschäftsführersMartin Krause

Enjoys climbing anywhere, from boulder blocks to north faces, and besides that is an engineer working on aircrafts, training systems for climbing and software.

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