iPhone app beta testing

Our iPhone app is now ready for the beta test. Watch the video for an introduction of its capabilities. Everything else will be explained below.

How does the measurement work?

It follows a simple principle: the iPhone is attached to rockbase/rockbaseFlex (details are shown on the pictures below). As soon as someone hangs on to rockbase, it moves a little bit depending on the weight of the training person. That exact movement (actually more a rotation) can be measured very closely with your iphone, similar to a water level app.

By comparing the value of the angle with and without someone hanging on rockbase the app knows exactly if your are training or taking a break. To help the app adapt to your specific weight you need to calibrate it one time before you start training.

It only takes you a few seconds and you are ready to record your hanging time without any hassle.

How much does it cost?

It is absolutely for free to take part in the beta test, but might be a little fiddley to find out how to make the app work best for you. Your feedback is greatly appreciated since it helps us to improve our training app.

Why is there no Android app?

We are developing the app ourselves, so we need to focus on one system first. As soon as we have the iPhone app up and running we will start working on the android app.



You have a rockbase/rockbaseFlex, an iPhone and want to participate?
Click here for joining us.

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